The Aid Backpacker

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One of the main problems related to maternal health is the lack of healthcare workers in rural areas and therefore inexistence of prenatal control which elevates the risk of complications at giving birth. So what can we do to connect healthcare personnel residing in urban areas with pregnant women in rural ones? Inspired by Smartphones and their diverse applications we came up with the idea of an aid backpacker; that bring a service that allows having a remote register and prenatal control of pregnant women living in rural areas without medical assistance.

Aid backpacker is a door –to- door remote prenatal control service for pregnant women in rural areas; A same speaking language person (the aid backpacker) visits every pregnant woman in the community, recollecting medical information related with the pregnancy, In order to open a virtual clinical chart that will be send to a healthcare professional who will make a register and evolution of the pregnancy.

How does it work?

The aid backpacker (someone willing to go door -to -door visiting pregnant women in a community) provided with a small backpack that contains: a smartphone, foldable scale, thermometer, tensiometer, tape measure and a portable ultrasound device, will make a clinical chart of the future moms.

1. The Aid backpacker talks with the community and finds out who is pregnant and where they live.
2. Then is directed to where a pregnant woman is located.
3. Using a Smartphone application opens a virtual clinical chart where some basic info will be asked to the mother such as: name, age, relationship status, number of child, medical background. A photo will be taken.
4. Vital signs measurements: weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and ultrasound.
5. It records all the data in the Smartphone virtual chart
6. Visit the next mom
7. When finished visiting the moms to be, the aid backpacker will send the files to a healthcare center where a professional will check them.
8. A Healthcare professional will contact the aid backpacker to tell which moms he/she must contact again to further examination.
9. After a determined period of time the health route should start again in order to have complete register of all the pregnancy stages in each mom.

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What is the minimum level of mobile technology needed for this concept?

What kinds of technologies are involved?

Smartphone with GPS, 3G, and wifi
Portable utrasound
Foldable scale
Digital tensiometer
Digital thermometer

How could this work in a low-literacy context?

In order to be able to Access to the aid backpacker service it is not necessary to know how t oread or write, however it is necessary that the parts involved speak the same language. Only verbal communication will be used.

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

Mobile operators